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Debt Collection

This is a debt collection firm

This firm represents several hospitals and numerous medical facilities in the collection of their past due accounts. Though we have a high volume of medical collections we also collect a significant number of other accounts.

We use the latest software and computer system to track accounts, make calls, produce documents and generate client reports. We maintain a special client hot line so our clients can reach us at anytime.

We believe our success is based in a large part because we do not treat all accounts in the same manner. The net result is that we are able to net back to the client more money. Most importantly we treat each debtor respectfully in handling the account.

Information about Debt Collection through Newsome Law Office PLLC

Time is Not Your Friend

Time is the enemy of debt collection. The older the debt the lower the chance of collection. Consider the following:

  • In most cases you are not the only creditor and if others have begun collection or taken legal action your chances are limited.
  • People move around and change jobs. The greater the delay in turning over accounts the greater the chance they won’t be found.
  • Delay gives the debtor more time to file for bankruptcy protection.
  • Sending accounts to collection agencies first, then to a law firm can be time consuming and confusing to the debtor.
  • A seamless collection process with a law firm that offers a traditional collection agency approach prior to seeking a legal resolution saves time and money.

Beyond the Collection

Every creditor wants to maintain a good community reputation and how you handle your past due accounts can impact your reputation. Newsome Law Office, PLLC treats each individual debtor professionally.

  • In many cases we are viewed as a helpful resource by helping resolve problems relative to the account. In some cases there are insurance issues and others instances the debtors just needed help with developing a realistic repayment plan.
  • In some cases the underlying debt relates to injuries received in an automobile collision and the debtor has failed to pay because they were waiting results of their claim. We work with their counsel in an effort to resolve the debt in a timely manner.
  • In our automated world there are many times when we are the first person the individual debtor has actually spoken with. Once we answer their questions or provide the necessary information they are more likely to resolve the account.
  • We provide to each court where a judgment has been paid a Certificate of Satisfaction and upon request can verify for the debtor there payment history to assist them in future credit applications.
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  • Collection Agencies cannot take legal action so they are limited to traditional methods of collections on all accounts.
  • Law firms are normally not equipped to do what collection agencies do so they tend to go to court on all accounts.
  • With the costs of Court reaching $100 per case it makes little financial sense to sue everyone.
  • At Newsome Law Office cases are sorted by which approach is likely to yield the best result at the lowest possible cost yielding be best NET BACK for the client.